NanoFabNet Hub Launch (6 July 2022)

NanoFabNet – International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation

On the 6. July 2022, the NanoFabNet expert team held its official European Launch Event of the newly created NanoFabNet Hub – a new network initiative hub for sustainable high-tech innovation, whose structure, business model, detailed strategies and action plans are designed, agreed and carried by its international stakeholders, in

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New European Metrology Network for Advanced Manufacturing

EURAMET – the European Association of National Metrology Institutes – launched a new European Metrology Network (EMN) on Advanced Manufacturing: The new EMN AdvanceManu was approved by the EURAMET General Assembly on the 7th June 2021. The NanoFabNet Hub, represented by AcumenIST and LNE, is an official partner in the

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Concepts of Sustainable Nanofabrication

The 10th edition of the NanoSafety Training School, held as a virtual event from the 21st to the 25th June 2021 kicked off with two key note lectures on the Monday afternoon: Georgios Katalagarianakis (former EU Commission) talked about “Let’s celebrate: Eleven years of the Venice Training School, sixteen years

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‘Regulations & Risk Governance’ explained

The newly launched the NanoSafety Cluster Working Group G – Regulations & Risk Governance presented the past, current and planned future work conducted within its nine core projects. The WG-G core projects form and carry the WG’s planned objectives and activities (as introduced one week earlier, during the NSC Education Day,

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New Working Group on ‘Regulations & Risk Governance’

At today’s Nanosafety Cluster Education Day, kindly hosted by the nanoSAFE 2020 Digital Conference, the NSC Working Group G – Regulations & Risk Governance commenced its work. Set up as a bridge between regulatory science and policy, the newly re-structured NSC WG-G introduced its planned objectives and activities to the

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Technology Governance through (Re-)Insurance

‘[I]nsurance is the institution of governance beyond the state […]’ [R. V. Ericson, A. Doyle, and D. Barry ‘Insurance as Governance’, 2003] Based on an in-depth analysis conducted for the Gov4Nano Project, Dr Steffi Friedrichs delivered a seminar entitled ‘Nanotechnology & the Insurance Industry’ as part of the Environmental Health

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Nanotechnology & the Insurance Industry – Waving, not Drowning

‘There are still open questions [surrounding nanotechnology], but that applies to many emerging risks from new technologies‘ reads one of the main conclusions of a report about ‘The Information Needs of the (Re-)Insurance Industry’ concerning the risks posed by nanotechnologies; the quote was one of the concluding remarks given by

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Dual Use of Nanobiotechnology Delivery Technologies

‘Science-Fiction versus Science-Fact – Nanobiotechnology Applications for Delivery’ was the title of Dr Steffi Friedrichs’ presentation at the 2020 UNIDIR Innovation Dialogues – Life Sciences, International Security & Disarmament Conference, held online on the 20.-21. August 2020. Presentation by Dr Steffi Friedrichs at the 2020 UNIDIR Innovation Dialogues from Steffi

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DNA Human Background image

Human Germline Genome Editing

AcumenIST Steffi Friedrichs was one of eight international experts from the fields of biomedicine, law, and ethics at this year’s Marsilius Kolleg (Heidelberg University) Winter School Symposium on “Global Governance of Human Germline Genome Editing”.

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Development in biotechnology patent applications, 1990-2012 (number of IP5 patent families by inventor’s country and priority date; see also: NOTE and SOURCE below) [Source (adapted): Steffi Friedrichs, OECD STI Working Papers, 2018/06]

The Rise & Fall of Technologies

On the 8. October 2018, Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Founder & Director of AcumenIST, was the invited NanoEarth Industry Speaker at Virginia Tech.
In a presentation entitled “The ‘Rise and Fall’ of Technologies (on the Example of Biotech and Nanotech)”, Steffi highlighted the difference between the two technologies and outline the potential pitfalls (for both the public and the private sector) in reducing the expected trajectory of any technology’s development to a mere copy of a previous experience.

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Policy Brief: Genome Editing

AcumenIST Steffi Friedrichs delivered a Policy Brief during the closing session of the international gene editing conference “CRISPRing – A New Beginning for the Genetic Improvement of Plants and Microbes” , which was held on the 3.-5. September 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

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Assessing the Impact of Technology Convergence

The OECD’s work on “Evaluating the Impact of Convergence – Towards a Guidance Framework for Future Policy Assessment” was presented at this year’s European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation, held on the 7.-9. June 2019 in Vienna. The paper describes the background motivation of the OECD

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Global Perspectives in Convergence Education

On the 2. – 3. November 2017, The US National Science Foundation in collaboration with The University of California held a workshop on “Global Perspectives in Convergence Education”. The intent of the workshop was to involve representatives from the many stakeholder communities from around the globe in discussions on convergence education as

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