NanoFabNet Hub Launch (6 July 2022)

NanoFabNet – International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation

On the 6. July 2022, the NanoFabNet expert team held its official European Launch Event of the newly created NanoFabNet Hub – a new network initiative hub for sustainable high-tech innovation, whose structure, business model, detailed strategies and action plans are designed, agreed and carried by its international stakeholders, in order to yield a self-sustaining collaboration platform.

NanoFabNet Hub – the movie

The Hub aims to provide a one-stop-shop for all matters and concerns pertaining to sustainable high-tech innovation and its successful incorporation into the complex, large-scale high-value industries by bringing together governmental and academic laboratories with large industries and SMEs.

A registered Secretariat at the Hub’s centre will provide an accountable, economically sustainable executive.

The Launch Event, which was held as a special session at the ‘SUSNANOFAB – NanofabNet Joint Networking Event’ in Braga (Portugal), 5th – 7th July 2022, saw presentations by the NanoFabNet expert team, highlighting the results of the past two years of their work, during which both the challenges and opportunities in the combined disciplines of sustainability and micro- & nanofabrication were analysed and detailed strategies and actions plans devised. The NanoFabNet Hub aims to bring together these two disciplines and encourage more cross-disciplinary collaborations and cooperations in sustainable high-tech research and innovation (R&I).

The NanoFabNet Launch Event speakers at the ‘SUSNANOFAB – NanofabNet Joint Networking Event’ in Braga (Portugal), 6. July 2022.
NanoFabNet Hub Launch Presentation: 11 Experts presented the Services & Actions they are going to offer to the new community of sustainable micro- & nanofabrication.

The NanoFabNet Hub community space will provide a virtual collaboration space for experts of both the sustainability and the high-tech micro- & nanofabrication communities. Building on the NanoFabNet Hub’s detailed analyses of the topical overlap between the two communities, as well as the opportunities and challenges prevalent in that field of work, the NanoFabNet Hub will offer services and activities in the following areas:

  • Raising Awareness of Sustainability,
  • Compliance with Regulation & Legislation,
  • Implementation of Sustainability Indicators,
  • Support & Engagement for Sustainability Criteria,
  • Coordinating support in Standardisation, Harmonisation & Validation,
  • Development and Implementation of harmonising Taxonomies for Nanofabrication Tools & Processes,
  • Activation ‚Äď Engagement ‚Äď Sustaining of a high visibility of sustainable Nanofabrication in general and the NanoFabNet Hub in particular, and
  • Promotion and Support of EU-Project Collaborations and international Cooperations.

Follow these links to watch the NanofabNet Hub launch video, and to find out more about the NanoFabNet Hub.

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