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NanoFabNet U.S.-Launch – International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation

Today, the NanoFabNet Hub was launched as a new network supporting suatinability in and through high-tech innovation.

Set up as an ‘International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation’, the NanoFabNet Hub provides a one-stop-shop for all matters and concerns pertaining to sustainable high-tech innovation and its successful incorporation into the complex, large-scale high-value industries by bringing together governmental and academic laboratories with large industries and SMEs.

The NanoFabNet Hub U.S.-launch event was held as part of the TechConnect World Innovation Conference&Expo 2022, which took place in Washington D.C. (National Harbor), 13 – 15. June 2022.

NanoFabNet Hub U.S.-Launch Presentation (Steffi Friedrichs, TechConnect World 2022)

In honour of the NanoFabNet Hub’s official launch in the U.S., a special conference session on ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability Micro- & Nanofarbication on an international Scale’ featured international experts of both sustainability and high-tech fabrication:

Follow these links to watch the NanofabNet Hub launch video, and to find out more about the NanoFabNet Hub.

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