NanoFabNet Hub -Background

NanoFabNet U.S.-Launch – International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation

Today, the NanoFabNet Hub was launched as a new network supporting suatinability in and through high-tech innovation. Set up as an ‘International Hub for sustainble High-Tech Innovation’, the NanoFabNet Hub provides a one-stop-shop for all matters and concerns pertaining to sustainable high-tech innovation and its successful incorporation into the complex, Read more…

Nanotechnology in the Next Production Revolution

This OECD landmark publication examines the opportunities and challenges, for business and government, associated with technologies bringing about the “next production revolution”.
Within the variety of influential technologies analysed in the report, Dr Steffi Friedrichs explores the role that nanotechnologies will play: in a Chapter entitled “Tapping nanotechnology’s potential to shape the next production revolution”, she explains that “[n]anotechnology has the potential to enable further innovations and establish new market sectors in the near future.”