NanoFabNet publishes ‘Concepts & Disciplines of Sustainability in Nanotechnology & Nanofabrication’

The NanoFabNet, a new network for sustainable, industrial-scale nanofabrication, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation, published a report entitled ‘Concepts & Disciplines of Sustainability in Nanotechnology & Nanofabrication’. This report is devoted to a review of the concepts and disciplines of Sustainability in Nanotechnology and Nanofabrication. Read more…

Development in biotechnology patent applications, 1990-2012 (number of IP5 patent families by inventor’s country and priority date; see also: NOTE and SOURCE below) [Source (adapted): Steffi Friedrichs, OECD STI Working Papers, 2018/06]

The Rise & Fall of Technologies

On the 8. October 2018, Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Founder & Director of AcumenIST, was the invited NanoEarth Industry Speaker at Virginia Tech.
In a presentation entitled “The ‘Rise and Fall’ of Technologies (on the Example of Biotech and Nanotech)”, Steffi highlighted the difference between the two technologies and outline the potential pitfalls (for both the public and the private sector) in reducing the expected trajectory of any technology’s development to a mere copy of a previous experience.