20181008_Book Launch Nanotech EHS 3rd Ed (Diana Bowman, Matt Hull, Steffi Friedrichs)

Book Launch – Nanotech EHS Reference now in its 3rd Edition

On the 8. October 2018, the 3rd edition of the established “Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety – Risks, Regulation, and Management” was officially launched in Washington DC, USA, containing a preface by AcumenIST Steffi Friedrichs.

Together with 51 contributing authors, the editors Diana Bowman (Arizona State University) and Matthew Hull (Virginia Tech) have created their most complete work on the topic yet. Like the field of nanotechnology itself, this book has matured into a well-known source of information on all things concerning nanotechnology EHS.

Editors Diana Bowman and Matt Hull with all three editions (and a Russian translation of the 1st edition), 8. October 2018.
Editors Diana Bowman and Matt Hull with all three editions (and a Russian translation of the 1st edition), 8. October 2018.

While the 1st edition (2009)provided an excellent inventory and overview of the topics of nanotoxicology, regulation and risk management, the 2nd edition (2014) included a discussion of nanotechnology’s important role in sustainability. The 2nd edition also reviewed the progress in nanotechnology EHS and allowed itself an outlook onto the technology’s future perspectives.

The newly published 3rd edition picks up on the 2nd edition’s chapters on progress and perspectives and broadens them to a detailed description of responsible research and innovation (RRI) practices in nanotechnology and in the many safe use cases that can be found on the market today.

“Having been invited to provide a preface or foreword to each one of the three editions, I think I can speak for all contributors when I say how much we enjoyed and valued working with Diana and Matt on this excellent book, … and that we are all looking forward to the 4th edition.”

[Steffi Friedrichs, 8. October 2018, Washington DC]
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