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FAIR ‘Environmental, Health & Safety’-Data of Nanomaterials

AcumenIST has partnered with AdvancedNano – a GO FAIR Implementation Network (IN) that actively supports the implementation of the FAIR principles in the current nano-EHS databases, i.e. data on NM physicochemical characteristics, release and exposure, toxicity and functionality.

The AdvancedNano IM focuses its main activities in the of GO Build (Technology), and GO Change (Culture); it main purpose is ‘to take new and ground-breaking steps in the nanosafety domain, specifically in the areas of grouping and read-across, hazard and risk assessment, Safe by Design, development of in silico approaches (e.g. QSARs) and development of nano-Adverse Outcome Pathways. […] AdvancedNano IN aims to advance innovation in nanoscience while improving human health and the environment through a shared infrastructure to support the generation, management, analysis, and (re)use of data. It constitutes a crucial element of various (inter)national initiatives, including DTL, ELIXIR, EMMC, EUON, NanoSafetyCluster, OpenRiskNet, and several ongoing NMBP projects.’

Excerpt form the AdvancedNano Manifesto.

According to the AdvancedNano IN description, the pursues the following targeted Objectives for the Internet of FAIR Data and Services (IFDS):

  1. To provide a cross-domain interoperability framework consisting of methods, tools and guidelines for implementing and assessing semantic interoperability of heterogeneous research data across discipline borders.
  2. To develop and evaluate reference implementations of interoperability for real-world cross-domain research uses case by broadly applying existing standards, vocabularies and semantics technologies.
  3. To engage with other GO FAIR implementation networks and related initiatives to disseminate and exchange best practice solutions for cross-domain interoperability.’

In doing so, AdvancedNano has developed and is promoting as number of Guiding Principles, outlined in the Manifesto of the AdvancedNano GO FAIR Implementation Network:

The nanotechnology community needs to create a FAIR culture, which is supported by standards and infrastructure development leading to machine readable nanosafety data and other essential digital resources.

Hence, the AdvancedNano IN commits to the following guiding principles that will bring about:

  • A change in culture around FAIR data stewardship and data sharing practice
  • Findable nanosafety data
  • Control over data. Data owners manage their own data and decide about sharing their data
  • Reusable code and data: validation, compilation/aggregation, incorporation into future work, data mining
  • The use of standards at source and throughout the information lifecycle (interoperability)
  • Availability and accessibility of tools and infrastructure
  • Machine-readability at the core, with focus on creating machine-readable and interpretable data, metadata, workflows, and services, aiming for maximal interoperability between diverse systems
  • The Governance of standards
  • The use of general data standards outside of nanosafety where appropriate and FAIR in their implementation
  • The Enablement and promotion of the use of nanosafety data standards

Follow these links to find out more about the GO FAIR initiative, to find out more about the AdvancedNano IN and FAIR nano-EHS data, or to download the AdvancedNano Manifesto.

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